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Sine Wave UPS
Cosmic Sinewave UPS is an extraordinary product, which is the perfect solution for power failure. It provides continuous quality and clean power supply during your pr ec ious time by ad di ng the va lue for the tas ks yo u pe rformed .
Capacity : 600va to 15Kva
Cosmic Sinewave UPS is ideal to provide continuous Power Supply for any kind of load. Computers, Lights, Fans, Music Systems, Mixer Grinder, Airconditioner, Water Pump, etc.
  Advanced DSP based PWM technology.
    High efficiency to save energy and money.
    Dual purpose Inverter / UPS, (Opt. Solar Charger)
    Reliable product for long durability.
    No separate wiring is required, Environment friendly.
    Noiseless operation hence no need canopy.
    Green mode SAVES PROWER in no load conditions.
    Lowest Running Cost, Pure Sinewave Output.
    Cold and soft start operation to protect the load.
    Input High and Low voltage Protection.
    CNC Machines
    Mixer, Fans.
    DVD Players
    Music Systems
    CFL`s, Tube Lights, Bulbs
    Television, Home Theatres
    Refrigerators, Air Conditioner
    Also suitable for any type of motor load……..
“Saving one unit of Energy is equivalent as Generating two units of Energy”
Cosmic Online UPS
COSMIC ONLINE UPS provides an independent, no break source of clean, stable, transient free uninterrupted power supply with output neutral bonded to ground, protect critical loads against power line disturbances and loss of commercial power. The UPS given an accurately controlled sine wave AC output without any line disturbances.

The Cosmin ONLINE UPS system comprises of a rectifier, an auto float cum boost charger, battery backed inverter with under volt, over volt short-circuit protection along with a high degree of Input to Output isolation. Amplification stage has IGBT technology for pure sine wave output.
Capacity : 1Kva to 100Kva
It is ideal for centralized applications in any industry to protect all the machineries Equipments which are under complete voltage control.
Cosmic Solar UPS
We offer excellent quality cosmic solar UPS that are manufactured from superior quality raw materials so as to assure our customers of our authenticity and reliability. Designed to provide maximum efficiency for the solar applications, these Solar Power UPS are highly demanded by customers. In addition to this, these UPS have effective built chargers so as to make appropriate use of solar panels. These can be used for all types of load and can be availed at the most nominal prices.  
Capacity : 600va to 10 Kva
Solar lighting system is ideal for portable, domestic, public lighting and in areas where grid power is unavailable.
Servo Stabilizer
Cosmic Servo Voltage Stabilizer is an effective solution for the voltage fluctuation. It full fills the need of an interface between an unregulated power supply and sophisticated equipments. These are available in various ranges both in Single phase and Three phases and designed to give a stabilized output within 1% of the present voltage.
Capacity : 1Kva to 1000Kva
It is ideal for centralized applications in any industry to protect all the machineries Equipments which are under complete voltage control.
We manufacture high efficiency servo controlled voltage stabilizers which works effectively under voltage fluctuations and helps in obtaining one output.
Water Purifier
Reverse Osmosis is the latest technology to remove all excess Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), chemicals in water, upto 97%. It removes Bacteria and virus to a level of 99%++. It restores the natural taste of water. Other Purification methods have no effect on TDS level of Water. The R O unit provide pure, safe, clean, odour free, sparking fresh, refreshing, healthy and above all tasty water excellent for drinking, formula milk, beverages, refreshing, ice cubes,